Unit Commander

Age 30

With nothing but his wits to live on, Aleksy Dryagin scrapped and struggled from virtually day one. His mother and father died while he was still an infant, and from then on Dryagin was a child and then a youth of the streets in one of the roughest resettlement camps.

It was the school of hard knocks and then some, but Dryagin had inherited, from somewhere, a streak of pure stubborn grit and a survival sixth sense that gave him an edge that made the difference between life and death. Other kids were drawn to him, and the Pacifier recruiters knew a born leader when they saw it.

By the age of fifteen, Dryagin was excelling in training, outstripping his fellow recruits in every category. By nineteen he in an off-world logistical support platoon, by twenty a full Pacifier, and by twenty-two a Unit Commander. To say his rise through the ranks was meteoric is selling it very short indeed.


Infantry support

Age 24

An only child of a single mother, Bette Matilda Larssen grew up in isolated circumstances, learning to fend for herself.

Self-sufficient and hardy, she pushed her mind and body to the limits and beyond in the harshest of conditions. Though something of an island, Larssen possesses a deep well of compassion for her fellow man and woman, and perhaps only lacks a true sense of self-worth.

An ice-cool head on broad shoulders, her emotions run deep (and silent).


Covert operations

Age 23

A feral individual, Leone is fiercely loyal and unwavering, with exceptional instincts.

Silent, snake-like and deadly, she’s not to be underestimated, but under the ‘game face’ has a wicked sense of humour and a primal lust for life. Orphaned at an early age, the military was Leone’s only home and outlet for a side of her she otherwise struggled to control.

But she continually failed to toe the line, resulting in numerous disciplinary hearings and penalties.



Age 36

At the age of 36, “Diamond” Bill Dalton is considered something of an old-timer among his peers, but no one would dare say that to his face.

He lives and breathes the military, taking comfort in its strictures and hierarchy, always upbeat and unflappable. Having seen what the ‘real world’ does to people, and how it crushes ambition and individuality, Diamond Bill has no time for it.

Without a doubt, he’s a good man to have watching your back.



Age 27

The rest of the world moves at a different pace to Jonas Huey.

A big man, of few words, he’s patient, calm and unflappable, but behind that easy-going façade is a mind that calculates all the angles, notices everything, and has a whole array of strategies and counter-strategies spinning like plates.

Raised as an orphan by good, ordinary people who kind of got crushed by progress, Huey vowed never to let the pace of events overtake him.


Advance Scout

Age 29

Some say it’s a mask, others that he really is that shallow, cocky and glib, but whatever the truth Hash Flynn plays his cards close to his chest, giving nothing away.

The joker in the pack, he takes life a day at a time, finding humour in the bleakest of circumstances, but all that gets shelved when it comes to tactically assessing a target or location, and he can instinctively put himself squarely in the enemy’s shoes.


Vanguard Assault

Age 26

Before the Pacifiers, Megan Umber was a square peg in a round hole. She just didn’t fit, and was constantly railing against a society that seemed to have lost any semblance of get up and go.

The reaction was to hit and break things, which got her in and out of Reconditioning Rehab. Finally, they sent her to boot camp, where she excelled, and now wears her Pacifier battle scars with a fierce pride.


Field Artillery

Age 30

A big bear of a man, with the paws to match, and something of a force of nature, Dolan Rekt has a voracious appetite – both for food and destruction.

He’s never happier than when the flak is flying and things are blowing up. The rest of the time… drags. He’s a coiled spring, a hair trigger, living life battle to battle.

There’s no need for battering rams or siege engines. Rekt is both.


Weapons Officer

Age 24

Pulled out of youth custody after burning down a friend’s house for some real or imagined slight, Kraken’s incendiary rage was redirecting into off-world conflict, where his sociopathic tendencies could have a freer rein.

Possessing the morals of a shark, and a pyromaniac to boot, Kraken likes what he does a little too much. But he does respect the chain of command, needing direction and structure to reach his potential.